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  1. Brooklyn 9 9 - Amy/Rosa - Criminal Masterminds AU for femsteve DONE!
  2. Firefly - Kaylee/Inara - Fluffy Smut in the Engine Room for anonymous [30% Written]
  3. LOTR - Gigolas - Arrest (Hurt/Comfort Bingo) for orchis DONE!
  4. Marvel Comics - Amerikate - Ghosts Haunting Protagonist AU for afamiliardog [60% Plotted]
  5. Marvel Comics - Buckynat - Red Room Fix-it/Hurt on a Mission for geisterschloesser [n/a]
  6. Marvel Comics - Carol/Jess - Journalists AU for buckypls DONE!
  7. Marvel Comics - Clint Barton & Kate Bishop - Witches AU for afamiliardog [n/a]
  8. Marvel Comics - David/Tommy - Celebrities AU for anonymous [n/a]
  9. Marvel Comics - David/Tommy - Percy Jackson AU Part II for tedaltmans [30% Plotted]
  10. Marvel Comics - David/Tommy - Robot AU for asgardianarcher [In Beta] DONE!
  11. Marvel Comics - David/Tommy - soulmate AU for nicgrayson [In Beta]
  12. Marvel Comics - David/Tommy - supermodels AU for anonymous for [n/a]
  13. MCU - Sam/Steve - indie records store AU for femsteve [60% Written]
  14. Supernatural - Anna/Jo - Medieval Fantasy AU / Witch Hunt for huntuer DONE!
  15. Supernatural - Dean/Cas Secret Santa - ??? for ???  DONE!
  16. MCU [MarvelRarePairExchange] - Sam/Steve for lasciel DONE!
  17. Teen Wolf - Allison/Isaac/Scott - Superhero AU for femsteve [30% Written]
  18. Teen Wolf - Cora/Lydia - College Roommates AU for bisexuallydia [60% Written]
  19. Teen Wolf - Allison/Lydia - SciFi AU [n/a]
  20. Teen Wolf - Allison/Lydia - Victorian AU [30% Written]
  21. Teen Wolf - [Teen Wolf Femslash Exchange] ??? for ??? DONE!
  22. Teen Wolf - RarePair Exchange ??? for  ???
  23. Teen Wolf - Femslash Exchange ??? for ???
  24. Dragon Age - Inquisition SciFi AU
  25. Dragon Age - The Best Armour (Dorian/Cullen) Chapter 5
  26. Dragon Age - Adoribull Mini Bang [30% Written]
  27. Elementary - Serial Killer/FBI AU [30% Plotted]
The progress is roughly: 30/60/90/100% Plotted - 30/60/90/100% Written - In Beta - Done
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au: spaceau: bandfood pornslaveficday at the beach
au: all-humanau: neighborsaccidental marriageau: cop/detectivesecret relationship
de-agedau: coffee shopWILD CARDsecret childgenderswap
sharing a bedmind controlin vino veritas/drunkficimmortality/reincarnationau: hooker/porn/stripper
alpha/beta/omegalocked insnowed infusionsoul bonding/soulmates
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Steve knows his day is about to become even worse when there's the clang of heavy boots coming up the staircase of their shabby apartment house. He'd go hide, but they've only got one room and Bucky is not the type to give up easily.


Instead he settles for straightening his back, sitting up from where he was reclined on the ratty sofa they'd gotten off their old neighbors for free. His head is immediately spinning again and a sharp pain shoots through his heavily bandaged arm. The medication the nurse had insisted on seemed to numb everything, except the throbbing his broken bone was causing him.

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I had already thought myself halfway into the third writer's block of this year, for the second time due to a computer crash that lost me my writing, but my scheme worked. Thanks to my awesome tumblr followers I collected a multitude of prompts and am happily plotting away as we speak. Soon, a list to be updates as I make progress.

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For October I thought I was going to try and write some spooky fiction. For that purpose I used this awesome bingo card generator and choose Horror Tropes.

Horror Trope Bingo Card )

Here is On my Writings I on Livejournal


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